Meet like-minded people in a warm and supportive environment & explore traditional osteopathic principles.

10am–12pm, 11th October 2020

Living & Breathing Osteopathy

A Biodynamic Perspective

We are a group of osteopaths with shared ideals who wish to study together to develop osteopathy with mutual support from each other.
In this FREE two hour webinar we will reflect on Primary and Secondary Respiration in the Biodynamic context and it’s relationship to Health, Disease and Trauma.

Speakers are: Christian Sullivan, Tom Greenfield, Michael Harris and Mary Bolingbroke. There will be time for group discussion and a closing meditation.
It is open to osteopathy students and registered osteopaths, and is relevant to GOsC Osteopathic Practice Standards.

Free webinar    |    Limited places available    |    Valid for two hours CPD

The diaphragm is as important as is the heart in the physiological control of the blood and lymph streams wherein “the moment of alteration” means the initiation of disease.
Dr W Sutherland

“the Tide, breathing in and ebbing out. A spiral movement in me, in you in every living thing” ……
“the potency of the Tide not just the up and down fluctuation of the CSF, the power at that neutral point neither breathing in nor out”
“ and most of all, the Breath of Life, which was breathed into the nostrils of clay when man began to walk about of earth”!

W Sutherland


The Speakers

Christian Sullivan

Title: Respiration, Rhythms Rates and Rationals.

Biog: He says “Graduating in 1989 I was blessed (destined?) to run into both Stuart Korth and Jim Jealous within a few months of starting my journey into the world of a practising osteopath. These two osteopaths, and many many others along the way, paved the way for my study of involuntary motion, primary respiration and an orientation towards the patients health. The biobasics gatherings are a true expression of the health of osteopathy at work, and it is my pleasure to contribute to this wonderful gathering.”

Tom Greenfield

Title: Covid-19 update – what you need to know.

Biog: Tom Greenfield ND DO was a founder member of the BioBasics UK team. He has a practice in Canterbury, Kent.

Michael Harris

Title: Autonomic responses to Covid. What should we be aware of?

Biog: Michael is an E.S.O graduate from 1991. His postgraduate studies include the SCCO pathway and Biodynamic courses with Jim Jealous and Christian Sullivan. Together with his wife Annie Greenacre he teaches a course designed to help Osteopaths appreciate how their skills can be applied to patients who have experienced different types of trauma. When not travelling to teach, he enjoys working with patients of all ages in his practice in the South Hams.

Mary Bolingbroke

Title: Breathing and being breathed (Meditation)

Biog: Mary Bolingbroke qualified from the BSO almost 30 years ago. She has had a varied Osteopathic career treating adults, children, the dying and the newborn. She also treats horses and dogs always using Biodynamic technique which she has taught for several years. She says, ‘I love this form of Osteopathy, it’s a beautiful combination of art, science and spirit’.


“Is this right for me?”


There is no previous skill or training level required to attend this event, which is open to 3rd and 4th year students as well as graduates from all backgrounds who would like to explore traditional osteopathy in a closely supported and guided space with experienced tutors on a two-to-one basis.

Prior experience with osteopathy in the cranial field may be useful but not necessary.

Limited spaces available



Meet the BioBasics Team


Ann Farthing

Qualified in 1986.

Completed phases 1-9 and paediatric phases 1-3.
Tutor at BioBasics since 2010.


Fabiano Da Silva

Osteopath DO, MSc Paeds Osteo
BioBasics UK Founder

Qualified in 1999.

Completed phases 1-9 and paediatric phases 1-3 in the UK & US.
Tutor and lecturer and tutor at the OCC London for 10 years.
Has a clinic in London.

Hazel Williams

BioBasics UK Founder

Qualified in 1997.

Completed phases 1-9 and paediatric phases 1-3.
Practiced at the OCC for 3 years.
Has a clinic in Stansted Mountfitchet.

Julia Finlay

B.Ost, M.Sc Paed Ost.
Qualified in 2007.

Volunteer/Tutor at OCC for 9 years.
Part of teaching team at BCOM
Has a clinic in South London.


What people are saying


“For me as a beginner I found the lectures pitched at a good level – refreshing, exciting experience and adding new knowledge.”

Student Osteopath B.S.O

“The practicals really allowed intimate supervision which was excellent from experienced tutors. I really feel more confident to use these methods.”

Qualified Osteopath UK

“The lectures were more fluid than I expected. Not bogged down with information, but choosing points of focus which are thought-provoking.”

Student Osteopath BCOM

“Great to have a tutor there for one table, very safe, lovely bunch, amazing as always – non judgemental support. Felt very privileged to have people with so much experience.”

Student Osteopath B.S.O.

“The lectures have all been absolutely wonderful, committed, professional, encouraging and supportive.”

Student Osteopath Germany

“The overall synchronicity of all the practicals allowed me to experience the phenomena not accessible to me before. And had really amazing tutors.”

Qualified Osteopath Sweden

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